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Boys and Girls Home and Family Services, Inc. offers prgrams for

inpatient care
, outpatient care, education and Siouxland Family Center

Clients served range from...

• students who could benefit from alternative education programming

• troubled teens who could benefit from our treatment program

• children and adult victims of abuse or domestic violence working to reclaim their dignity, self-esteem and confidence

• adolescents learning more appropriate ways to manage their anger and emotions

• children and adults who suffer from emotional, mental health and/or psychiatric issues

• parents wanting to improve their parenting skills

For more detailed information on the programming and associated services, please click on the Admission Info button above, or
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Please Hear My Story in My Own Words...

lick here to hear from Steven, Josh, Ann, Ali, Charley and David.

The stories share their journey.  What brought them to Boys and Girls Home and how their lives have changed.

Face Off for Charity - 2015

January 29-31, 2015

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We’re going to challenge the way you think about getting help.You stay fit and maintain good physical health.  Do the right thing.  Getting help for a mental health issue is not something you would ever need to do!  Right? 
Or would you?
Take the challenge below and see how you would do with getting help. 

What if you had nowhere else to go?  No other options?  No one to call upon?  No network of support?We all need somebody sometimes, especially when life throws you challenges. Boys and Girls Home and Family Services, Inc. is where many turn for help.  They have simply run out of options and have nowhere else to turn.  They need help with life’s most basic needs—but they also need somebody to offer them hope, to give them a vision of a better tomorrow, and to encourage them to keep on trying and to not give up. 
Boys and Girls Home and Family Services, Inc.; We Change Lives.

We Change Lives but we need your help. Please give generously today!

Your donation gives hope to those in need.  Together, We Change Lives.   To learn how you can help change lives  contact us. 

Boys and Girls Home and Family Services, Inc.
Phone:  712-293-4700

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